In Case You Didn’t Notice: Earthing May Be on the Comeback

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

For today’s installment of “In Case You Didn’t Notice,” we’ll dig a little into a concept called, Earthing.  It revolves around making direct contact with the earth.  Relax, Jodie Foster.  We’re not talking about that kind of contact.  Although if we were, more people would probably read this thing…  Oh well, maybe there’s a Carl Sagan type post in me in the near future..

Alright, seriously.  Who am I kidding?  There probably won’t be.  Sorry to get your hopes up (or down), back to this Earthing business.

The Earth possesses an electromagnetic field that has an effect on our bodies.  Supposedly, we insulate ourselves from this effect with the clothes and shoes we wear.  Even building houses with surfaces like wood and vinyl keep us insulated from the Earth’s effects.  So, spending as much time as we can barefooted on grass, sand, dirt, or concrete helps us to “regain” this effect if you will.

The effect, as best explained by the experts that discovered   –or should I say, rediscovered–  this phenomenon, is that the Earth’s surface has a bunch of free electrons that can be transferred via direct contact.  The electrons then neutralize free radicals in the body, keeping, among other things, inflammation to a minimum.

Okay.  Sorry.  I have to stop right there.  I wrote everything up to this point thinking I could convince you, the reader, that this was not nonsense.  But even as I typed everything out I couldn’t help but thinking, “Wow, this sounds like complete nonsense.”

So, yes.  This all might sound ridiculously new-agey and I don’t blame you.  And if you love the explanation of Earthing, you’ll really love Paul Chek’s reasoning.

But why wouldn’t this work?  Humans have evolved on this planet, which has had its own electromagnetic field for millions of years.  Well.  I guess that depends on who you ask, I suppose.  There are people out there that think the Earth is only 10,000 years old, after all.  But if we assume that at least part of our genetic adaptations were due to some environmental factors, why wouldn’t one of those factors be the Earth’s electromagnetic field?

And why do people need all the facts and scientific evidence, anyway?  If something could potentially improve your life, at no cost, you’re telling me you wouldn’t at least try it?  I call bullshit.  There’s no scientific evidence that Facebook has any health benefits whatsoever, but the rate at which people are using it would make you think otherwise.  Okay, I admit that is a very weak argument, but you’ve more or less decided if you’re going to try this by now.  So there.

There’s really not much else to Earthing than that.  For more information, head over to  I must warn you though, I get a little turned off by their official website.  They make the claim that Earthing “may be the most important health discovery of our time.”  And at first glance, this might make you want to tell them to screw off.  Again, I don’t blame you.  I mean, I think there have been some pretty major discoveries in our time.  Penicillin anyone?

One last thing before we end this.  Consider the following:  By numerous accounts, the diseases we see today more or less appeared with “modern man.”  And who were these modern men?  Humans that had colonized large areas of land that were living more comfortably than the “savages” they tried to colonize.  They had shoes to cover their feet, expansive houses and buildings to shelter them from the elements.  Some even slept in beds elevated off the ground.  They were humans that had begun insulating themselves.  This may have allowed certain diseases to thrive on bodies that were running less optimally than their “earthed” counterparts.

Now this is very, very shoddy logic at best, but it may give you at least a half decent reason why Earthing could even benefit us at all.  We used to all do it at one point and at one point we stopped.  Again, thats not to say we were actually healthier back then as “savages.”  But I also think its a huge mistake to assume what they practiced back then has no merit because they were more primitive and seemingly dumber than we are now.

So, give it a try.  Or not.  I really don’t care.  But if you do try it, I honestly hope it helps you.  And if you decide not to try it, I honestly hope you find something that does improve your well-being.

That’s it for today boys and girls.  Until next time, insert catch phrase!


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